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Speech by leader

        Sshandong national Biotechnology Co., Ltd., is a professional dedicated to bio-technology services, new food development services, development and sales of enzymes and fermentation products and related design companies, to extend and continue to improve the food industry chain, to build health food safety research and development service providers this strategic objective, it is consciously take up national environmental protection, harmonious and sustainable development of social responsibility. National company in the development of the main industry, to increase the pace of development of the relevant appropriately diversified in various other areas of trade, foreign-related investigation, have maintained a good momentum of development boom.

        In this era full of opportunities and challenges, we will continue to adhere to the "pursuit of excellence, contributing to society," the business purpose, unswervingly pursue the "honesty, letters, positive, a" business philosophy, all the national people good governance, fighting courageously , to achieve outstanding performance and work hard!

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